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   Resource Links

     Here’s your path to all types of information at hundreds of websites 

Real Estate

Links to sites for finding properties, as well as ones offering useful tips for buyers and sellers.


Credit reports, investment firms, media sources, many government sites for information, calculators, etc.


They’re your tax dollars at work, so take advantage of all the resources available to you on a variety

Home Improvement

Links to many home improvement centers, TV programs and other sources for tips & ideas.


Direct links to the school districts in the area, including report card statistics and lots more.


Da  Bears, Da Bulls, Da Cubs, Da Sox and other Chicago teams, as well as links to many sports everywhere.


Can’t find your smartphone, tablet, dictionary, US or world atlas, those encyclopedias you bought the kids years ago? Here are sources for just about every fact you could possibly want.

Travel & Tourism

Trip planning sources, airlines, state tourism departments and other helpful places.

Miscellaneous Resources

Weather, Google, maps, ZIP code locator, find an address if you have the phone number or vice versa. Lots more sources for that information you need to locate quickly.