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   Real Estate Resources

     Lots more resources that weren’t categorized in other sections. 

    Also see many more real estate links on BUYERS and SELLERS pages

Swanson Real Estate

Your Hometown Realtor site with links to many properties and other useful information.


Search for millions of homes nationwide.


Lots of information on financing, taxes, maintaining and improving your home.


A Freddie Mac site with tips for home buyers & investors. And searches for Freddie Mac properties.


This Mortgage Banker Assoc. site offers a leaning center, brochures explaining the buying process, foreclosures & modifications.


Get a Buyer’s Guide for Fannie  Mae homes, financing tips, glossary, FAQs and much more.


They’re your tax dollars at work, so take advantage of all the resources available to you on a variety of topics.

Federal Reserve Board

Mortgage information and other ways The Fed’s vast resources can help you.


Moving tips, timelines, finding a mover, truck rentals, storage.

Federal Trade Commssion

Home financing information and how the FTC can offer you protection.


The Illinois Housing Development Authority provides help for first-time home buyers, through affordable mortgage and down-payment assistance.


The Housing and Urban Development Department has many tips for buying a home.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Helpful information on VA home loan guarantee services and other VA resources.

Fannie Mae

Tap Fannie Mae’s vast resources for homeowners, home buyers and investors. Things to watch out for.

Freddie Mac

Lots of helpful information on preparing for home ownership, mortgages, purchasing a home and so on.

Ginnie Mae

Find a path to homeownership. Buy versus rent calculators, loan estimators and lots more.